Research Group

Biogeochemistry of Boreal Ecosystems Research Group (BBERG)      


 Lindsey Butt MSc Student Earth Sciences
Ignacia Diaz Laboratory Manager
Christian Gaviria Data Manager
Dr. Emma Harrison Postdoctoral Researcher (Co-supervised by Dr. Eric Oliver, Dalhousie University, NS, Canada)
Dr. Laura Helenius Postdoctoral Researcher (Co-supervised by Suzanne Budge, Dalhousie University, NS, Canada)
Nathan Jacque Nunatsiavut Research Coordinator
Alexis Johnson MUCEP student researcher
Helia Kamel  PhD Student Environmental Science
Jenika Marshall   Laboratory Manager
Colleen McBride PhD Student in Marine Biology (Co-supervised by Dr. Rachel Sipler, Bigelow Lab for Ocean Sciences, ME, USA)
Caroline Barbara Ofosu  Ph.D. Environmental Science
Mackenzie Patrick    PhD Student  Earth Sciences
Dr. Ligia Sousa Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr. Geert Van Biesen Research Laboratory Associate CREAIT
Daniel Wesley PhD student Environmental Science (Co-supervised by Dr. Dave Risk, St. FX, NS, Canada)   
Clare Youden Summer Research Assistant










Undergraduate Honors Thesis Memorial University

Shramana Sarkar (2023) Signatures of mineral soil organic matter stabilization-destabilizaton observed through chromaphoric dissolved organic matter

Allison Pond (2021) Detecting changes in boreal forest groundwater dissolved organic matter during the autumn transition period via study of base-extracted particulate organic matter. Labrador Boreal Ecosystem Latitudinal Transect.

Zach Gates (2019) Application of ground penetrating radar to estimations of forest mineral soil properties

Christian Gaviria (2018)  Modelling stream dissolved organic carbon using optical proxies.

Danielle Farrell (2016) Deep soil carbon in boreal forest landscapes

Courtney Laprise (2016) Atmospheric phosphorus deposition across the Newfoundland and Labrador Boreal Ecosystem Latitudinal Transect

Sarah Butler (2015) Temperature dependence of boreal forest moss decomposition.

Alexander Morgan (2014)  Iron interference in the optical analysis of dissolved organic matter.

Catie Young (2013)  Relationships among metal content, clay mineralogy and soil organic matter content and composition along the Newfoundland and Labrador Boreal Ecosystem Latitudinal Transect.

Christopher Earle (2012) The influence of pH on dissolved organic carbon concentrations in natural waters.

Mary Devine (2011) The relationship between watershed composition and potential trihalomethane formation in Newfoundland water supplies.

Michael Hamilton (2009) The photochemical lability of dissolved organic matter in the Humber River watershed

Emily Spadro (2007) Inorganic and organic nutrient uptake in Ozark streams.

Kristin Mitchell (2004) Linking microbial community structure to its function in stream biofilms using a combined stable isotope labeling – biomarker approach.

John Barr (2003) Factors controlling microbial activity in a karst groundwater ecosystem.

Jennings Boyette (2003) Spatial and temporal variation in dissolved organic matter bioavailability among wetland macrophyte communities.


Undergraduate Researchers

Madeline Sceviour   BSc student Biology (minor Ocean Sciences)

Ian Coxon                   BSc student (honours) Earth Sciences

Jack Bishop               Masters of Environmental Studies Student

Alexandra Gamble   BSc student in Biochemistry

Nic Capps

Hilary Chang               PhD student U Texas Austin

Rachel Dove                 MSc Biology. Memorial University

Aiden Dunn                   Mining Industry

Julia Ferguson             Completed MSc Medicine

Zoe Goodyear

Rebecca Lam                PhD student UBC

Melissa Mills               MSc student UVic

Alex Morgan                 Creative Writing Student

Alicia Morry                  MS program, Central European University

Craig Moulton

Bobby Nakamoto         PhD Student UC Riverside

Laura Nugent

Aleya Quilty            

Alexandra Roulliard     Postdoctoral Fellow, UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Ben Straton                  BSc student in Biology

Leah Downey               Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) High School Student


Graduate Students

Dilanka Athukorala, MSc, Environmental Science 2020 – now PhD student, University of Adelaide, Australia

Keri Bowering, Ph.D., Environmental Science. (NSERC-CREATE) 2021 – now Research Scientist with Agriculture and Agrifoods Canada, Gander, NL

Sherri (Brisco) Townsend, MSc, Biological Sciences 2005- now  Lecturer, Harrison State College, AR 2005

Celyn Khoo, MSc Environmental Science. 2021 (Moire Wadeleigh best thesis award) – now Environmental Scientist with Pattle Delamore Partners 

Christopher Choi, MES, 2011- now with Pine Environmental, Toronto 

Nicole Debond, MSc, Earth Sciences 2012- now Project manager with Applied Engineers, Regina, SK 

Doreen Franke, PhD, Earth Sciences 2014, now Research  Program coordinator, Helmholtz Zen. Munchen

Carrie-Ellen Gabriel , PhD, Earth Sciences 2019, now Lecturer, St. Francis Xavier University, Anagonish, NS

Zach Gates, MSc, Earth Sciences 2022 – now Geophysicist with Sanders Geophysics, Ottawa, ON

Christian Gaviria MSc, Environmental Sciences 2021 – now Data manager with BBERG

Sara Klapstein, PhD, Environmental Sciences 2017 – now CLT Assistant professor St. Francis Xavier University

Lukas Kohl, PhD, Earth Sciences 2017 – earned  Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow, and now Senior Researcher, University of Eastern Finland, Biogeochemistry Research Group

Erin Mann, PhD, Environmental Science 2015 – now Postdoctoral Researcher, John Jay College-CUNY, NY

Wyn Rolls M.Sc., Environmental Sciences. 2017 – now Lecturer at Memorial University Grenfell Campus.

Claire Moore-Gibbons, MSc 2018 (Moire Wadeleigh best thesis award)- now Environmental Consultant with Wood Group

Alexander Newman, MSc, Earth Sciences 2018 – now Research Technician/Field Manager for the Scientific Focus Area on Watershed Function, Colorado, USA

Bryan Place, MSc, Chemistry 2017 – now  PhD student at University of California, Berkley 

Byron Winston, MSc, Biological Sciences 2006 Scientist, AECOM Environment Remediation, TX 


Postdoctoral Researchers

Alan Roebuck, Postdoctoral Reseacher, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Neus Campanya i Llovet, Postdoctoral Researcher, MARE-Marine & Environmental Sciences Centre, Horta, Azores 

Allison Myers-Pigg,  Senior Research Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Sequim, WA

Matthew Norwood,  Associate researcher, Battelle Marine Sciences Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Sequim, WA

Michael Philben   Assistant Professor, Hope College, Michigan

Chad Lane   Professor, Univ North Carolina, Wilmington

Jerome Laganiere  Reseach Scientist, Laurentian Forestry Centre

Trevor Vanden Boer  Assistant Professor, York University, Ontario

Geert Van Biesen, Laboratory Manager, Stable Isotope Laboratory, CREAIT, Memorial University, NL

Technical staff members

Jamie Warren (Laboratory technician and manager; now with CFS, 2011-2018)

Matthew Norwood (Laboratory technician, now with PNNL, 2019-2020)

Sean Boyd (Laboratory technician, now with Bigelow Laboratory, 2020-2021)

Sara Jenkins (Data manager, now with Geologic Survey NL, 2019-2020)

Geert Van Biesen (Laboratory Technician. Now Research Associate in Stable Isotope Laboratory, Memorial University; 2008)

Eric Pollock (Laboratory Technician. Now Stable Isotope Laboratory Manager, University of Arkansas; 2004-2006)

Lindsey Conaway (Laboratory Technician; 2004)

Andrea Kopecky (Laboratory Technician; 2003-2005)

Julia Cox (Stable Isotope Laboratory Manager, University of Arkansas; 2000-2003)