Dr. Morrill’s Profile

Dr. Penny Morrill is a Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Dr. Morrill received her PhD from the University of Toronto, where she studied the biodegradation of dry-cleaning fluids and other solvents in groundwater. Subsequently, she has worked at the Carnegie Institution of Washington, McMaster University, and the Institute for the Study of Earth's Interior, Japan, studying organic synthesis and degradation, and the isotopic fractionation associated with these processes. At Memorial University Dr. Morrill’s research group has focused on using biogeochemistry to solve environmental problems such as climate change mitigation, remediation of acid mine drainage, and prevention of reservoir souring. Dr. Morrill’s research group also uses biogeochemistry to study life and its preservation at sites of serpentinization. While at Memorial, Dr. Morrill has taught EASC 1000 Earth Sciences, EASC 2502 Introduction to Geochemistry, EASC 2916 Natural Hazards, EASC 3600 Environmental Geology, EASC 3610 Hydrogeology, EASC 4605 Environmental Geoscience Field School, and EASC 6500 Stable Isotope Geochemistry.